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Im open to rereqets it can be a superhero, anime character, realistic, cartoon anything. Ill be takkng all requests and posting them within next week.

Anyone have any requests????  Would love to take them and of course if its anything marvel or DC related i would love to do it no matter who it is, just comment or message me, you can find me on instagram @art_with_abraham you can DM me anytime im always available so dont be shy

im now taking in requests!!

2016-03-09 22:04:58 by artwithabraham

Im now taking drawing requests!!, anything Dc or Marvel related is prefered but if you have any anime characters you want me to draw i will (just nothing dirty or trolls plss) 

I have a weird schedual so dont expect a certain date they will be posted, just know they will be put up. 

Last note umm i havent drawn anime in like a month so if i wind up having to draw an anime character  i dont know how its gonna turn out so wish me luck

Okay so long story short i didnt do the drawing some of you asked me to do, and im sorry. Now the reaso  for that is because i want to start focusing towards me picking up a different style of drawing, more of a comin book style i want to draw things from DC or MARVEL if you're going to make a request for me to draw something make it a character from a favorite anime or from DC or MARVEL just wanted to make some things clear 

Sorry for tbe long wait wasent able to do anything this whole week ans usually Fridays Saturday and sunday are my work days but thus week i was extremely busy with house work and other things on Sunday the drawings will be up i hope you guys/gals are excited to see them

I am now free to take requests from people i would like to not only draw and post what i like but to draw and post what you guys/gals like too so dont be shy i have so much free time you requested drawing will be submitted to newgrounds for you and everyone to see so give some creative ideasa of what you would like and it shall be done to the best of my ability. Well that being said have a happy new year and a goodnight to you all

Hello my name is abraham ortiz i am a self taught artist i have already posted to newgrounds before and would love if you lovely people could check out my art i am a strictly pencil artist i hope to change that soon. I found newground through a friend some of you might know him as nealito18 i know him as my brother and bestfriend, he is also an awesome artist and should go check him out hes working on an amazing manga we started and that he will hopefully one day finish so you all can see. All i want to do is show my art to fellow artist and make drawing my full time job.