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Entry #1

who i am and what i plan to accomplish with my time here

2015-12-24 03:40:27 by artwithabraham

Hello my name is abraham ortiz i am a self taught artist i have already posted to newgrounds before and would love if you lovely people could check out my art i am a strictly pencil artist i hope to change that soon. I found newground through a friend some of you might know him as nealito18 i know him as my brother and bestfriend, he is also an awesome artist and should go check him out hes working on an amazing manga we started and that he will hopefully one day finish so you all can see. All i want to do is show my art to fellow artist and make drawing my full time job.


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2015-12-24 04:12:23

Nice drawings man (º- º ) b

artwithabraham responds:

Thanks man