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any of you have awesome ideas!! that can be drawn out??

2015-12-31 21:24:01 by artwithabraham

I am now free to take requests from people i would like to not only draw and post what i like but to draw and post what you guys/gals like too so dont be shy i have so much free time you requested drawing will be submitted to newgrounds for you and everyone to see so give some creative ideasa of what you would like and it shall be done to the best of my ability. Well that being said have a happy new year and a goodnight to you all


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2015-12-31 21:33:12

How about some of the worst and best new year resolutions?The internet is full of those!

artwithabraham responds:

I like that will do. And do you have any specific one's in mind?


2015-12-31 22:07:02

A view of the ocean.
Aboard a ship, preferably.

artwithabraham responds:

Sure thing will do


2016-01-01 03:53:50

How about a failed science experiment that caused insects to take over the world?Yeah,it sounds like a movie from the 70s/80s but it came to me.

artwithabraham responds:

It does sound 80s movie and ill see what i can do


2016-01-01 21:43:22

I hope to see it!


2016-01-02 15:00:47

draw a leprechaun holding a pot of golden dicks please,
and the the cocks need to be atleast medium size (5 and 1/2 inches) preferably.
and make sure the leprechaun looks like Luke Cage had down syndrome.
I want it by tomorrow, i need to do something with it....