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im now taking in requests!!

2016-03-09 22:04:58 by artwithabraham

Im now taking drawing requests!!, anything Dc or Marvel related is prefered but if you have any anime characters you want me to draw i will (just nothing dirty or trolls plss) 

I have a weird schedual so dont expect a certain date they will be posted, just know they will be put up. 

Last note umm i havent drawn anime in like a month so if i wind up having to draw an anime character  i dont know how its gonna turn out so wish me luck


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2016-03-09 22:06:16

Maybe you should make an OC that looks like DC or Marvel. Just a thought.

artwithabraham responds:

Ima feel like an idiot asking this but umm what does OC stand for??


2016-03-09 22:09:48

OC= Original Character. Don't sweat it, it's not an abbreviation that's thrown around a lot.

artwithabraham responds:

Yeah its a good thought i might come up with some stuff. But ima be honest i like know what im drawing and how it looks, thats why i mainly use refrences when i draw


2016-03-10 04:06:50

Why don't you try redrawing one of my ocs?

artwithabraham responds:

Challenge excepted


2016-03-10 05:06:25

Please draw Juggernaut.

artwithabraham responds:

Thats so weird because i had already planed on drawing juggernaut